Compostable Packaging

Help your customers go green with our fully compostable products.
Currently available for dry goods in custom sizes.


What are compostable products?

Compostable products are made from recycled, plant-based packaging that when disposed of can safely re-enter the environment similarly to soil. When a product is compostable, it ensures that the material used does not create toxins as it breaks down. Switching to compostable packaging from plastic avoids the build-up of non-degradable plastic in the soil and water.


Are wet and dry options available?

We currently offer compostable packaging for dried goods only but are working on developing an option for liquid packaging, too.

What sizes are available?

We work with you and your product needs to determine the appropriate bag size.

What quantities are available?

Please inquire directly on our website for quantity minimums.

How do you dispose of compostable bags?

These bags can be discarded into the compost bin or your backyard compost.

Are compostable bags more expensive?

We offer the most competitive pricing for compostable bags on the market.