Product Sourcing


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Don’t see something you’d like to have in your store? Drop us a line and we’ll source it for you.


CacaoNibs CamuCamu Powder Dark Chia Seeds Moringa Powder Red Maca Powder Turmeric Powder Whole Psyllium Husk Yellow Maca Powder

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Organic Flour

Almond Flour • Amarant Flour • Barley Flour • Maize Flour • Millet Flour • Rice Flour • Semolina Flour • Sorgum Flour

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Organic Powders and Spices

Amla Fruit Powder • Ashwagandha Root Powder • Black Pepper Powder • Black Pepper Whole • Cacao Powder • Cardamom • Ceylon Cinnamon Powder • Cinnamon Powder • Coriander Powder • Cumin Powder Fenugreek • Ginger Powder • Haritaki Powder • Onion Powder • Psyllium Husk Powder • Red Chilli Powder • Shatavari Powder • Triphala Powder

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Organic Grains

Amaranth • Brown Rice • Canihua Grains • Red Quinoa • Red Rice • Tri Colour Quinoa • White Quinoa

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Organic Lentils

Pink Lentil • Red Lentil • Chickpeas • Green Peas

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Organic Salt and Sugar

Black Salt • Brown Sugar • Coconut Sugar • Premium Himalayan Salt • White Cane Sugar

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Organic Tea

Cacao Husk Tea

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